Training that Teachers use in the Classroom

  Will Barber: Profile and CV      
  After starting his career in Marketing, Sales and Training with both IBM and Unilever he has since gained 20 years of experience in education.

During the last five years, while continuing to teach full-time, Will Barber has also been writing and running his own courses as an independent consultant.

Since late 2013 he has been pursuing a new career focussing on training teachers and tutoring children.
  Teaching Experience
Science to GCSE: 6 years
Maths Teaching: KS3/4: 4 years 
Science KS3/4 coordinator: 6 years
Science KS1/2 coordinator: 8 years
ICT to GCSE / Clait Yr 12 Diploma
ICT KS3 coordinator:      6 years
ICT KS1/2 coordinator: 11 years
Geography coordinator: 2 years
Primary: All subjects
  Will Barber had been a full-time teacher until 2013. He has been in charge of ICT, Science, and Maths departments while teaching all age groups from Reception right up to Year 12 and 13. He has extensive experience of all subjects in KS1 and KS2, with additional teaching experience and subject knowledge in KS3 and KS4.   Training Experience
Courses: Gloucester CC: Hucclecote
Courses: Gloucester CC: STEM
Courses: Wiltshire Borough Council
Courses: Partnership: @Bristol SWGFL
INSET: Gloucester CC: STEM
INSET: Devon County Council
Seminars-Speaker: Devon County Council
  He started writing courses to meet what he felt was a need for more practical 'hands-on' training in schools. He has been constantly frustrated by the lack of really useful training available, especially for Primary School Teachers.    Qualifications
O-levels: A long time ago!        11 passed
A-Levels: Sciences and Maths. 4 passed
Degree: Management Science: 
               UMIST: 2(i)
PGCE:   UWE Bristol 1992:  Pass
  He is currently settled near the Cotswold town of Stroud with his wife and three children.