Key Skills Training in ICT: Detailed breakdown

Using ICT to enhance Teaching and Learning
(teachers are welcome to bring their own equipment to the course)

  Aim of this Course

To give teachers the confidence to use simple ICT equipment and programs in lessons. To enable teachers to use the most important ICT skills effectively to motivate their pupils.


      (if requested)

  • Video Capture 
  • LogIT Science
  • Movie Editing
  • Music and Sound
  Core Objectives:
  • To enable teachers to confidently use an essential core of software 
  • To encourage a more varied interpretation of the curriculum
  • To help bring ICT naturally into your lesson plans
  • To encourage cross curricular and thematic teaching and learning
  • To unlock the potential of simple ICT use in lessons
  • To understand how ICT can improve pupils' motivation
  • To explore the use of ICT in Assessment of pupils' work
  Activities Include
  • Word Formatting
  • Word Graphics
  • Excel Charts
  • Excel Databases
  • PowerPoint
  • Files and Folders
  • Class Desktops
  • Multimedia
  • Video and Movies
  • 2Simple programs
  • Power of PrtSc
  • Online programs
  • Assessment of results
  • Pupil Analysis
  Target Audience
  • ICT coordinators
  • All Key Stage 1/2 Teachers
  • Literacy coordinators
  • Numeracy coordinators
  • NQT teachers
  Discussing (if time permits)
  • Essential software
  • Keeping costs down
  • Free software
  • The ICT strands
  • Common Problems
Important Note

This course will give you the confidence to use ICT in more of your lessons. If you do this then over time these skills will become established and you will quickly improve. 
PC or Apple?

The course is PC based although many programs and ideas would apply equally to Apple Computer users. Teachers are welcome to bring their own equipment to the course.