Training that Teachers use in the Classroom

Organise an "Inset" training day or half day.

'New' Computing: (All or part of the following)

Effective use of, Best simple programs, The best free resources online, Assessment and Tracking with Excel, Increasing productivity using Office.

Hands-on Lessons: (All or part of the following)

Active Engaging 'New' Maths. Inspiring simple 'New' science. Motivating with Simple Experiments. Cross Curricular Work. Great lesson ideas. Tapping into the pupils love of practical work. The power of a great idea.


Planning: (All or part of the following)

Planning your Computing department, Planning your Science department. Simple and Effective Practical work, Cross-curricular work, building up your resources.


Pupil Events: (I also run ‘Science Sessions’ for the children)

Rockets, Brain Removal. etc! Fun and Interesting whole school assembly followed by whole school demonstrations, part school, year group sessions, half day, full day. Whatever your needs. 

ask for a bespoke Inset tailored to your school's particular requirements