Inspiring Confident Practical Science: Detailed breakdown

An exciting hands-on approach using simple equipment


Aim of this Course

To inspire teachers to use simple everyday resources to produce exciting lessons that motivate pupils, in line with providing a more "Creative Curriculum".
  • Flaming Food
  • Popping Poppers
  • Can Implosion
  • Pressure Rockets
  Core Objectives:
  • To appreciate simple resources from local supermarkets
  • To encourage the confident use of simple apparatus in experiments by teachers and pupils
  • To use resources that are familiar to pupils and help to motivate them
  • To provide tools to inspire pupils across the whole science curriculum and beyond
  • To show science as being "all around us" with links to all other subjects in school
  Activities Include
  • Milk Bottle Projectiles
  • Chromatography Test
  • The Power of Smells
  • The Twirling Spirals
  • Scooby Testing
  • Absorbing Nappies
  • Flora colour hunting
  • Seed helicopters
  • Magnetic Sculptures
  • Creative Supermarkets
  • Bio Data Collection
   Target Audience
  • Science Coordinators
  • Key Stage 2 Science Teachers
  • Key Stage 1 Science Teachers
  • NQT teachers
  • Any 'curious' teacher !
  • Essential Equipment
  • The use of Video
  • KS1 / KS2 differences
  • Assessment and Levels
  Important Note
This course is very hands-on with many practical examples.Teachers are expected to take part in the activities during the day as much as possible (unless they want to go home early!) and are also encouraged to bring or think up ideas of their own to share with the group.

The hope is that teachers will experience the interest and excitement that pupils will feel in a successful science lesson. The key to learning science is "DOING", not watching. Any interest expressed in APP or AfL will not be encouraged!