Training that Teachers use in the Classroom

   Spring Term  to see more details click on 'tabs' along the top of the page  
  17th  January  Planning Science in your School  
  24th  January Linking Numeracy to your Curriculum  
  31st  January Inspiring Confident Practical Science  
  14th   March Planning New 'Computing' in your School
  17th  March Active Engaging 'New' Maths  
   Summer Term    
   2nd May  Inspiring 'New' Science in your School  
   9th May  Linking Numeracy to your Curriculum  
   16th May  Planning New 'Computing' in your School  
   13th June  Planning 'New' Science in your School  
   27th June  Active Engaging 'New' Maths  

Courses Times are usually 9.30 am - 3.30 pm. Venues to be confirmed, usually Stroud or Cheltenham