Cross Curricular ICT: Detailed breakdown

Linking ICT to your whole Curriculum

 Aim of this Course

To inspire teachers to use simple ICT equipment, programs and ideas to produce exciting lessons that motivate pupils, in line with providing a more "Creative Curriculum".


      (if requested)

  • Video Capture 
  • LogIT Science
  • Movie Editing
  • Music and Sound
 Core Objectives:
  • To motivate pupils and teachers with exciting real-world activities
  • To encourage a creative interpretation of the curriculum
  • To bring ICT naturally into your Numeracy and Literacy and Science plans
  • To encourage cross curricular and thematic teaching and learning
  • To unlock the potential of simple and often free software
  • To understand how ICT can improve pupils' motivation
 Activities Include
  • Popular sites
  • PowerPoint quiz
  • Hyperlinks
  • Reception to KS1
  • Grammar tasks
  • Logo Angles
  • Sainsburys sums
  • Moody music
  • Excel cell division
  • Databases
  • Business Models
  • Website design
  • Heart simulation
 Target Audience
  • ICT coordinators
  • All Key Stage 1/2 Teachers
  • Literacy coordinators
  • Numeracy coordinators
  • NQT teachers
  • Essential equipment
  • Keeping costs down
  • Assessment and Levels
  • The ICT strands
  • Purchased schemes
Important Note

This course revolves around actual lesson plans that can be used in your lessons. Teachers are  also encouraged to bring or think up ideas of their own to share with the group.
PC or Apple?

The course is PC based although many programs and ideas would apply equally to Apple Computer users. Teachers are welcome to bring their own equipment to the course.